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Please continue to practice Times Tables.

Encourage children to read often and talk to you about what they have read. Perhaps they could keep a journal of their time spent away from school, I would love to read these when they return. 

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Monday 13th July 2020

Welcome to the last week of term and the last week of the school year! I will be sending out a more detailed letter later this week but until then, please see below for more suggested resources and activities. 

Mr Reed



Sunday 12th July 2020

Happy birthday to Junayd A!! - I hope you have a fantastic birthday!

Thursday 9th July 2020

Wishing a happy birthday to Ilhan. Have a lovely day!

Wednesday 8th July 2020

Happy Birthday to Sofia - I hope you have a wonderful day!

Monday 6th July 2020

Good morning and a very happy birthday to Yassine! I hope you have a wonderful day!

Below are some suggested learning activities for this week. 

Mr Reed



Monday 29th June 2020

Please see below for English and Maths suggested learning for this week. 

Mr Reed



Sunday 28th June 2020

A very happy birthday to Leena! I hope you enjoy your day!!

Thursday 25th June 2020

I wanted to wish a very happy birthday today to Yasmine! I hope you are having a lovely day and enjoying the beautiful sunshine!!!


Wednesday 29th April 2020

House Challenge

Good morning everyone!

Just in case you thought I had forgotten - the House Cup is still being competed for. I thought now was the perfect time to set a 'House Challenge' for Year 4. As I am sure you have all seen, lots of people have been making rainbows to stick in their windows and show support for our wonderful NHS. I would like you to create the best rainbow you possibly can (it doesn't have to be stuck in a window) - you can use any material or resources you like. Take a photo and email to me at nreed@milescoverdale.lbhf.sch.uk by Monday (11th May). 

The winning entry will receive 50 House Points!! 

Happy Birthday
Birthday Cake


I just wanted to wish a happy birthday to all the children below who have had a birthday so far during the school closure!

Junayd H


Keep the entries coming in - below are a couple of the ones I have received! They are fantastic!

RainbowRainbow - HL

Podkin One-Ear

As promised, I am going to upload some short videos regularly of me reading the remainder of our class book. As you will remember, Podkin, his sister Paz and little brother Pook have just escaped from the evil Scramashank along with their new friends, the acrobat dwarf rabbits - Mish and Mash. They were saved from Boneroot Warren when the Gorm attacked, by Crom; the blind, old warrior rabbit. As we re-join Podkin, the band of rabbits have been resting and recovering at Crom's old warren, Dark Hollow...

Chapter 14 Part 1

Chapter 14 Part 1.MOV

Chapter 14 Part 3

Chapter 14 Part 3.MOV

Chapter 14 Part 5

Chapter 14 Part 5.MOV

Chapter 14 Part 7

Chapter 14 Part 7.MOV

Chapter 14 Part 2

Chapter 14 Part 2.MOV

Chapter 14 Part 4

Chapter 14 Part 4.MOV

Chapter 14 Part 6

Chapter 14 Part 6.MOV

Chapter 14 Part 8

Chapter 14 Part 8.MOV

Rainbow Competition - The Results!

Thank you to all of you for taking part in this competition - there have been some WONDERFUL pictures of rainbows that were creative and imaginative. We love our NHS!! The winners are below!

Lucas Rainbow

Well done Lucas! I love the Jackson Pollack-esque technique you have used in your entry!

Marwa Rainbow(3)

Well done Marwa. The use of paint and your hashtag #THXNHS are awesome!


Well done Nailah - I love the rainbow you have designed here - the gold stars are really super too!

Sofia Rainbow

Well done Sofia - I love the way you have included the rainbow in your NHS design - very original!!


50 points to EQUALITY


50 points to Diversity 


50 points to Liberty


50 points to Unity 

Chapter 14 Part 9

Chapter 14 Part 9.MOV

Chapter 14 Part 11

Chapter 14 Part 11.MOV

Chapter 14 Part 10

Chapter 14 Part 10.MOV

Chapter 15 - The Battle of Camp Gorm

Chapter 15 Part 1

Chapter 15 Part 1.MOV

Chapter 15 Part 3

Chapter 15 Part 3.MOV

Chapter 15 Part 2

Chapter 15 Part 2.MOV

Chapter 15 Part 4

Chapter 15 Part 4.MOV

James and the Giant Peach (with Taika & Friends)

Over the next few weeks, Academy Award-winning filmmaker Taika Waititi will be reading James and the Giant Peach in full, across 10 episodes - and he'll be joined by some rather famous faces along the way. You can watch Episode 1 here and Episode 2 here!


Mr Reed

Week Commencing Monday 25th May 2020

Happy half term and Happy Birthday to Joseph who has just celebrated his birthday!

Warmest wishes, 

Mr Reed

Monday 1st June 2020

The author J.K. Rowling has begun to publish a new children's book for free - she is posting chapters daily on a specially created website. You can access her explanation here long with a link through to the actual website where you can read the book. Enjoy!

Mr Reed

Friday 12th June 2020

Apologies for the delay! Here are the next couple of parts of Podkin One-Ear. I will start to upload one video a day from next week! 

Chapter 15 Part 5

Chapter 15 Part 5.MOV

Chapter 15 Part 6

Chapter 15 Part 6.MOV

Chapter 15 Part 7

Chapter 15 Part 7.MOV

Tuesday 16th June 2020

Chapter 15 Part 8

Chapter 15 Part 8.MOV

Wednesday 17th June 2020

Chapter 15 Part 9

Chapter 15 Part 9.MOV

Thursday 18th June 2020

Chapter 15 Part 10

Chapter 15 Part 10.MOV

Chapter 15 Part 12

Chapter 15 Part 12.MOV

Chapter 15 Part 11

Chapter 15 Part 11.MOV

Friday 19th June 2020

Happy Friday everyone! Below are the final two parts of the book The Legend of Podkin-One Ear, I hope you enjoy and I wonder if the story ends how you think it will...

Chapter 16 Part 1

Chapter 16 Part 1.MOV

Chapter 16 Part 2 - The End!

Chapter 16 Part 2.MOV
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