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PE and Sports Premium

KS2 Playground

How we use the funding

We  encourage the involvement of the least active children by extending the range of school sports clubs to include specialist basketball and football coaching for specific age groups and genders. We encourage younger Key Stage 2 children to take part in sports clubs through the Year 3 and 4 football club run by White City Football Club coach, and we also run a Year 5 QPR football club and Key Stage 2 QPR basketball club.  

During 2016-2017 the school engaged in the QPR Primary Stars Project to increase the skills and confidence of staff teaching PE through its mentoring scheme.  This project also allowed us to offer a Girls Only Football Club for children in Years 5 and 6 and an After-Breakfast PE Club every Wednesday.  

This is in addition to the vast after-school clubs we offer that involve sports including our dance club and our gymnastics club.  We are lucky to be able to employ a specialist coach to run our football clubs and the coach is involved in planning and assessing PE across the school.

The Impact of the PE Premium

This funding has enabled our school to include more high-quality PE provision.  It has allowed us to tackle the issue of childhood obesity and improve fitness levels of our pupils.  The premium has allowed us to reinforce our strong belief that sport is a fun activity for all, regardless of ability or background.  Children with Special Educational Needs (SEN) and those with behavioural issues are specifically targeted and encouraged to participate in our After School Learning Clubs.  In recent years we have seen more than 80% of Key Stage 2 children on the SEN register take part in clubs and this is very encouraging.  All children that have taken part in our clubs have been very positive about participating and attend regularly through the academic year.  Scoial cohesion within our community has improved through these clubs and some of our children even toldus that they would otherwise be at home waiting for parents to return from work.  

Questionnaires issued to parents of the after-school club attendees revealed that 90% of the parents cited 'improved confidence' as the main benefit of our clubs.  Teachers also noticed improved confidence and communication skills.  Overall, most children demonstrated improved confidence when participating in curriculum-time PE sessions as a direct result of attending the after-school clubs and because of their access to sessions led by specialist coaches from well known external agencies including White City Football and QPR.  In previous years we hired qualified tennis coaches from London Sports Trust to work with our teachers to develop their confidence in teaching PE as well as improve their tennis skills and all our staff were very positive about this and the positive impact it had on the children, not only in terms of their increased physical skills but also their personal social health development.

Ensuring these improvements are sustainable

The school continues to work on helping teachers to plan the  assessment of PE sessions and, each year our PE co-ordinator, Miss James, will identify a specific focus area.  The school will retain its collaboration with speciailist coaches from organisations such as Queen's Park Football Club and we will continue to encourage children to take part in scports.  The school will continue to take part in the numerous tournaments throughout the year and the early morning PE sessions for parents and children will help us to further raise the profile of PE in school.  This will not only help children and parents prepare for the day ahead but it will improve pupils' concentration and improve attendance and punctuality.

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