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School Meals

Our school offers a variety of hot and cold meals daily.  These are provided by external caterers and children have a choice of meals.  Our catering staff are aware of children with allergies so that they can be sure no child's health is put at risk.

Every day when registers are taken in class the school office tells the caterers how many children will be in for lunch.  This means that the school is charged for each of those meals, regardless of whether the child eats it or not.  That's why it's important that you tell the office if your child changes from school meal to packed lunch and you should do this, preferably in advance, or at least on the first day of the change.

We prefer children not to change mid-term but we understand that sometimes this has to be done.  However, each time a child changes to packed lunch, if we're not told, we are charged for the meal that they haven't taken.  As a result of this the school is paying more than it needs to.

Please therefore ensure that you tell the school office if your child is moving to packed lunch.  Thank you.

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